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Pelor opposes all evil deities and his followers avoid neutral deities with teachings counter to Pelor's. Pelor particularly loathes Tharizdun , having played a role in the Dark God's imprisonment, and Nerull. Pelor's domain, once a vast manor surrounded by orchards, vineyards, and farmland for miles, is now since he assumed a more martial aspect during the Greyhawk Wars a gold-plated citadel that forms a beacon atop the largest island of Elysium's layer of Thalasia.

It's said the sun there warms the hearts of the good and illuminates the secret acts of the evil. In 4th edition, Pelor's realm is known as Hestavar, the Bright City. It is described as a metropolis made of precious stones and metals built on islands of earth hovering above a bright lagoon.

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There, Pelor dwells with Erathis, goddess of civilization, in the golden palace of Aurosion. Pelorians believe that the life-giving sun is the best cure for all of Oerth 's ills. Justice and freedom are brought about through charity, modesty, and perseverance. Pelor's priests teach that the truly strong don't need to prove their power.

Pelor - Wikipedia

Pelorians strive to perform so many good acts that evil has no room in which to exist, though they will fight if necessary. Pelor strength is a spiritual strength, opposed to physical strength like Kord. His strength is the power of will and hope, the need to face evil in the face of insurmountable odds.

Pelor is wrathful against the forces of evil, corruption, and darkness, and is especially opposed to the undead. However, Pelor urges his followers to remember that excessive attention to things of evil can blind one to the truly important things: compassion and goodness. Pelor is a popular deity, greatly beloved by the commonfolk. In his Baklunish aspect, Pelor is one of the major deities of the nation of Ekbir. He is worshiped on at least one other world, the homeworld of Mayaheine.

The Prelacy of Almor was founded by a paladin of Pelor after the Battle of a Fortnight's Length , and though the nation became ruled by an ecumenical council, it remained the greatest center of Pelor's faith until Almor was destroyed during the Greyhawk Wars. Although Pelor's church has a few heresies and schisms, the head priests of his powerful temples are in contact with one another and with the religion's overall leadership. If the secular leaders of one nation place an onerous tax on Pelor's temples, word will spread through Pelor's hierarchy.

Other nations might be persuaded by their Pelorians to apply diplomatic pressure to get the tax repealed. Pelor's clergy heal the sick, bless crops, help the needy, and destroy evil and the undead. They are caring and nurturing, with backbones of steel. The Pelorian priesthood attracts many naive youths to his service, but training is rigorous enough to send many of them back to their farms. Pelor's elite priests are called Radiant Servants. Pelor's favored weapon is the mace heavy or light.

Vestments are typically yellow or gold. Pelor's favored weapon in the 4th edition is the morningstar.

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Pelor is served by a small number of druids, who behave in ways similar to his clerics, but with a greater emphasis on the care of plants and animals. They usually associate themselves with settlements rather than living as hermits, aiding the community with their hands, spells, and animal companions wherever they can.

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They are considered to have priest status within the Pelorian church, though they have a separate hierarchy. Pelor is also worshipped in the Old Faith , where he is considered the god of summer. Pelorian paladins, known as Crusaders, are rare, having appeared in large numbers only since the Greyhawk Wars. They are about as common as Mayaheine's paladins, though the demigoddess' church is much smaller than Pelor's. Pelor's paladins see themselves as the burning light of the sun which scours away darkness and evil and brings strength and comfort to the innocent. Wicker, Lisa Mangum, J.

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Butcher, Diana L. Wicker, Donald J. Bingle, Felicia Fredlund, Sherry D. Ramsey, Jackie Keswick, Barbara G. Tarn, Harvey Stanbrough, J. Ney-Grimm, M. The Last Forest A. Here Be Magic Dayle A. Dermatis, J. Ney-Grimm, Karen C. Klein, S. Lindberg, Barbara G. Blood Moon Rebecca M. I like to help people. Archos told me it is because I was so eager to please as though not to be beaten, or worse.

A lonely child longing to be liked. I have no idea if this is the truth but I suppose it explains a lot. It was a way to protect myself and now is habit. I think I am trustworthy and discrete. Would you kill for those you love? I would also kill for a cause I love.

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  5. Would you die for those you love? Yes, and technically I have. Or close enough. What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses? I am emotional — I suppose it is because of my earlier life. There are all these awful memories in my head and I can get upset about things. Archos says I am strong, a survivor. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me. My magic.

    The Shining Citadel: The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles Book II

    I am clever and resourceful. I had to be. I learn fast. Do you have any relationships you prize above others? He saved my life. He is kind, clever, fascinating and unbelievably desirable. Mages tend to be passionate and we are. He does not treat me simply as another elf.

    Finally my life has some worth.

    Olek — Olek is like a brother to me. I trust him with my life. They have a special friendship, very close with much shared between them.

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    5. He was with Archos long before I came to live in Tremellic and they value the friendship. Thus so do I. Olek is very complex. One of those people who is not what he appears.