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While I gained this insight, following the footsteps of MacDonald, David Elginbrod and Anodos, I also had the chance to admire the beautiful natural surroundings of the Scottish Highlands.

And if Scotland is currently not exactly on your doorsetp, I hope you enjoyed this blog, otherwise, go dust off that old mirror in your attic, or go to sleep. Filed under Uncategorized. Thanks for the Blog!

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Any other recommended sites or locations? Great post! I truly enjoyed the journey! I visited Scotland some years ago, but missed out on Huntly and a few other places. Hope to return one day and pick up where I left off. I knew Huntly well as a child, as my aunt was married to a descendent of Rev Robert Troup. I stayed at Howglen often. Thank you for your article; a real trip down memory lane for me.

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    Phantastes Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

    You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lewis Called Him Master" attempts to explain the obscurity behind many of the passages in MacDonald's only two fantasies written for adults, "Lilith," and "Phantastes," while also providing the reader with a brief, but adequate, examination of George MacDonald's life and work.

    Also contained therein are several rare photos of the MacDonald family, many of them taken by fellow author and family friend Lewis Carroll. Lewis Called Him Master" is an essential biography and study aid for students of George MacDonald's most intense works.

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    About the corny title: I would have liked nothing better than to call the book something else; however, very few people ever heard of George MacDonald while scores of people know of C. I thought that working Lewis' name into the title would cause folks to pick up the book who otherwise would have passed it by. It was simply a marketing ploy. Not that I care about making money on the book. Lord knows there's very little money to be made in that regard anyway. I just want more people to know about MacDonald. Home What's New?

    Hoffmann Dante. By keeping his shadow, the Darlings could keep Peter too.


    Throughout, Peter is shown to vacillate between the two. He fled his own nursery the day he was born because he hated that his parents were talking about him becoming a man someday Barrie, , p. Yet later he tried to return, but found the window barred against him p. Yet when Mrs. No one can make him become a man. Ultimately, Peter eschews stability and the path to maturity for eternal adolescence and the freedom of Neverland, shadow firmly sewn to his feet.

    Conclusion All three authors use the shadow-self as a symbol of the dark emotions, the inner monsters, of adolescence.

    Phantastes by George MacDonald Lesson Plans

    It is in the various coping strategies where theses authors differ the most. MacDonald and Le Guin see confronting the shadow-self as a path toward maturity: MacDonald through dispelling the darkness; Le Guin through accepting it. Peter fears that anyone who controlled his shadow could make him become a man. MacDonald and Le Guin would say, however, that no one can make a man but the man himself.

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    • C.S. Lewis called Him Master- a Biography and Commentary on George MacDonald by Charles Seper.
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    • References Barrie, J. Brawley, C. Barrie: A Study in Fairies and Mortals. New York: Haskell House. Frazer, J. New York: Cosimo Classics, Le Guin, U. London: Penguin Books, , pp. New York: G.

      Phantastes Summary & Study Guide

      MacDonald, G. Special annotated edn. Page, N. London: Paternoster, Noyes, A. Detroit, Mich: Gale Research. Literature Resource Center, Gale [Online]. Slethaug, G.


      Vogler, C. Related Papers.

      By Hilal Dikmen. A Critical Study of J. Barrie's Peter Pan. By Miriam Guna. By Rebecca Langworthy.