In a Single Garment of Destiny: A Global Vision of Justice (King Legacy)

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King actually combined such activities with a powerful and consistent advocacy for world peace in pulpits throughout America and in other parts of the world. As far back as the late s, he had called for the total eradication of war, and, by the early s, had signed numerous statements with other liberal Americans condemning nuclear testing. Pike as initial sponsors, under the auspices of the ACOA, of the worldwide Declaration of Conscience, a document included in this volume.

The declaration proclaimed December 10, , Human Rights Day, as a day to protest against the organized inhumanity of the South African Government and its racial apartheid policies, and it urged churches, universities, trade unions, business and professional organizations, veteran groups, and members of all other free associations to devote the day to prayer, demonstrations, acts of civil disobedience, and other forms of nonviolent protest.

Luthuli became co-sponsors, under the banner of the ACOA, of the worldwide Appeal for Action Against Apartheid, a declaration also included in this book.

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This crusade was in the nature of a follow-up to the global effort of Aside from King and Luthuli, social activists and religious and world leaders signed the appeal. At that same time, King and his SCLC were launching a major campaign to strike down the entire system of segregation in Albany, Georgia.

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In the speech, King highlighted the need for the release of imprisoned black South African leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Robert Sobukwe, and challenged the world community, especially the United States and England, to withdraw all economic support for the South African regime, including the purchase of gold. The failure to respond creatively and constructively to racism as a world problem, said King in one of his last books, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?

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In recent years, the United Nations has held a number of international conferences on racism, and this should also be a reminder of the timelessness of certain concerns that King raised around that issue. King recognized in his own time that the dialogue on race necessarily had to be reframed, far beyond but not neglecting black-white relations in the United States, and this need continues today. Predictions of the emergence of a post-racial America and world after the election of President Barack Obama have proven premature, and some scholars are now writing about the globalization of racism.

King wrote of this phenomenon years ago, and his prescience and the continuing relevance of his insights need to be appreciated and better understood. King felt that the assault on world racism could not be successfully made without an equally powerful attack on poverty and economic injustice as international problems. From the time of the Montgomery bus boycott, which clearly had economic repercussions, King spoke of racism and economic injustice as perennial allies, but his most persistent, organized attack on the problems emerged in the mid and late s.

King led a nonviolent army against economic inequality and discrimination in real estate in Chicago in , and Eugene Carson Blake and others in the National and World Council of Churches felt that the Chicago Freedom Movement might provide a model for attacking poverty on the international level. But King realized that blacks in America were not the only victims of poverty in the world.

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In Remembrance: A Stone of Hope — World Vision Advocacy

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His speeches, sermons, and writings are inspirational and timeless.