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  1. Was Tether the Unknown Bitcoin Whale Behind Monday’s $2.27 Billion Transfer?
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Ask a member of our sales team about our products or services:. Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch shortly. Return to Articles. Bitcoin is not the only game in town Demand for cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin is growing rapidly. Regulatory oversight is expanding to multiple cryptocurrencies Regulators across jurisdictions have been paying close attention to the role of multiple cryptocurrencies in emerging business models.

Was Tether the Unknown Bitcoin Whale Behind Monday’s $2.27 Billion Transfer?

What you should look for in a solution Leading businesses and investigators have consistently cited the following criteria when looking for the best software to monitor activity across multiple cryptocurrencies. Extensive support The software should be supported by a dedicated training team whose deep cryptocurrency expertise is combined with ongoing support, training for every user type, and expert investigation services for custom needs.

Recognized thought leadership One way to validate the quality of a multi-currency software solution is to assess their published research. Get Access to the Report.

Learn More. Organization-wide dashboard One of the most useful facets of Chainalysis KYT is having a view of all users and their risk profiles directly accessible upon first logging in.

In-app chat At Chainalysis, we strive to provide as much support to our customers as we can. Looking ahead We know software is most valuable when it makes the lives of our customers easier and more productive. Find out how the most trusted software can help your cryptocurrency business or investigations. Speak with an expert:. Find out why the world's leading organizations trust Chainalysis for cryptocurrency compliance and investigations. Download the Full Research Report Please provide your information in order to access the full report.

What is tether?

Download Report. Enter your information to receive the full report. Please check your mailbox for a copy of the report. Subscribe to Updates. BTC Bitcoin BCH Bitcoin Cash ETH Ethereum Watch Recording.

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Privacy Policy. All right reserved. Do we have any reason to believe those dollars actually exist? Well, yes. How do you redeem Tether for US dollars?

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Sadly, however, we cannot create or redeem tether for any U. What are those whiffs of misconduct to which I previously referred?

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I mean. How much time do you have?

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The two entities have allegedly been subpoenaed by US regulators. When the tether system captures and releases the payload, it transfers some of its momentum and energy to the payload. To enable the system to boost additional payloads, the tether system can restore its orbit in between payload boost operations by using electrodynamic tether thrusting. Electrodynamic thrusting would be accomplished by using onboard power supplies to drive current along the length of the tether.

Because the electrodynamic reboost technique utilizes the mass of the Earth, coupled through its magnetic field, as its reaction mass, it does not require expenditure of propellant. This enables the tether system to repeatedly boost payloads into orbit without requiring resupply of propellant.